Alaska Air Cargo

Alaska Air Cargo assures health and safety for rescued Maui animals

Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society has been in existence for more than 60 years and is the only animal shelter on the island of Maui, taking in 7,000 animals a year. Through their “Wings of Aloha” program, the Humane Society transfers many dogs to animal welfare partners and new owners on the mainland. Alaska Air Cargo flies many of these dogs via Pet Connect, providing a special rescue rate program for nonprofit animal shelters.

Laura Forsythe is Transfer Coordinator for Wings of Aloha and works closely with Alaska Air Cargo. “The cargo people are wonderful,” she says. “I have flown around 1,400 animals to the mainland since 2013 with zero fatalities. I know my animals are going to be taken care of here, in the air, and when they land.”

Laura says Alaska’s operations people are “unbelievably” professional, friendly, and efficient. “To fly 30 animals a month across the ocean and have everything run so smoothly is just amazing,” she says. “They really know what they’re doing. I get calls from people who are moving to the mainland and worried about their dogs flying, and I always tell them to fly Alaska because they are so pet savvy and pet friendly. I never worry about animals flying with Alaska.” For more information, visit our Pet Connect site. And for more details on our special IPATA, Animal Rescue and Military rates, contact us:


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