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Spring update from the Managing Director: Our commitment to reliability as we grow 

Managing Director Adam Drouhard
Alaska Air Cargo Managing Director Adam Drouhard

This past year, we implemented several ambitious system-wide changes to our operation to set the stage for long-term growth: 

  • We launched the first phase of our new end-to-end cargo management system in October. 
  • We converted two passenger 737-800 aircraft to dedicated freighters. 
  • We invested in infrastructure and equipment at stations across the state of Alaska. 

We are proud of the foundation we are laying for the future – but we know these changes also brought disruptions to our operation, along with January’s temporary grounding of the 737-9 MAX aircraft and winter weather challenges. 

So, before I look ahead to our plans for this year, I want to thank you for working with us through these growing pains. Thank you for continuing to be loyal business partners. And as we move forward, know that we are focused on restoring the reliability you depend on, while we continue to expand our capacity and services. 

What’s ahead this year

IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR CARGO BOOKING SYSTEM: Throughout the year, we will roll out updates to our online system to make it more efficient and streamlined for customers and our employees.  

AN EXPANDED AND RELIABLE FREIGHTER FLEET: We are working closely with Boeing to ensure that our new 737-800BCF freighters will perform at the level required to serve our customers.  We expect both freighters to enter service over the next few weeks. 

REINFORCED INFRASTRUCTURE: The plane is only part of the equation for the communities we serve. Our investments in infrastructure and equipment like new cargo loaders will enable our services to be more robust and reliable at every station. 

Building for the future: Greater capacity and reach 

The 737-800 freighter can carry 10,000 pounds more than our 737-700 freighters.

By the end of April, both of our new converted 737-800 freighters will be fully deployed, allowing us to better serve our customers in 20 communities across the state of Alaska, and beyond.  Watch our freighter schedule for expanded service. 

With these new bigger, more efficient 737-800s, we are excited to launch dedicated freighter service between Anchorage and Los Angeles, through Seattle. This is the first time our freighters will fly beyond Alaska or Seattle, and it’s an exciting moment for our team. Many of the goods that Alaska residents depend on come from Southern California, and this new service will streamline the supply chain bringing those products into Alaska and across the state. The expanded freighter routes will also create faster connections for seafood and other products shipping out of Alaska.  

And as we look forward to the potential opportunity to expand our service for the businesses and residents of Hawai’i – another state uniquely reliant on air cargo – we will draw on our experience in the state of Alaska to listen to local communities and create supply-chain solutions that best meet their needs. 

As we continue to grow, I know our operation must remain reliable. Your business depends on us, and restoring dependability across our operation is my highest priority. 

Thank you for working with us. As always, reach out with questions. 

– Adam 

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