Alaska Air Cargo
Volume 11  |  March 2019

Going Big in California

Alaska Air Cargo

Going big in California.

More routes, more connections, more capacity.
Alaska Air Cargo has dramatically increased our route network, especially with more flights to the East Coast. Our increased California flight schedule extends options all the way around and opens up our coast-to-coast network even further. There are, for example, multiple ways, creatively using published schedules and multiple California airports, to get freight quickly to the East Coast or Hawaii.

In California, we are shipping cargo to and from:

Los Angeles

Orange County
Palm Springs

San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Barbara

Enhanced facilities in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

LAX: Alaska’s facility is now larger, with new X-ray machines and coolers, and allows for more freight volumes. Our partner/vendor Swissport has handled our operation for many years and is extraordinarily capable, with a dedicated Alaska Air Cargo staff. Expanded hours of operations are 4:30 am to 12 am.

SFO: We’ve just moved into our brand new SFO facilities at the North Access Road and are now working with Mercury Air Cargo. We have dedicated dock doors, coolers and our own dedicated vendor staff. All contribute to quicker, smoother service. Expanded hours of operations are 4:00 am to 12 am.

Self-service pickup allows for more efficient tendering and recovery at both LAX and SFO.
With our new self-pickup at both LAX and SFO, we can provide more convenient and often faster service. Because our customers can pick up freight via self-service, it has the effect of reduced wait time in lines for both tendering and pickup.

Come visit us.
We invite you to tour both facilities and see our operations up close and in action. Contact Michael Yu, Regional Sales Manager, at

California Customer Spotlight
Dave Rudie, Founder, Catalina Offshore Products

Catalina Offshore Products | San Diego, California

Catalina Offshore Products was founded in 1977 by Dave Rudie, originally as a provider of whole sea urchins and then later as processed sea urchin, more familiar to most of us as the sushi item uni. Now Catalina processes and distributes a wide variety of West Coast seafood, extending 3,000 miles from Baja California to southeast Alaska.

75% Sustainable Seafood
As a result of its commitment to sourcing from responsible fisheries, nearly 75 percent of the seafood it sells is sustainable. This ongoing commitment to supporting responsible fishing practices has allowed for partnerships with such organizations as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Seafood for the Future and Seafood Watch.

Conservation advocacy and leadership
In addition to overseeing his business operation, Dave contributes his expertise to numerous initiatives. He is Chairman of the Board of the California Fisheries & Seafood Institute; President of the California Pelagic Fisheries Association; Chairman of the Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel; and a long-standing voice on the California Sea Urchin Commission.

In 2015, The Maritime Alliance presented its Community Leadership Award to Dave for his dedication to promoting sustainable, science-based ocean industries, national and international outreach, and workforce development.

Alaska Air Cargo

Where do you ship with Alaska Air Cargo?
We use Alaska Airlines routes out of San Diego International Airport to several cities. Many on the East Coast.

What kinds of products?
A big one for us is tuna. We offload tuna boats in San Diego and ship direct to Boston, for example, which is an important market for us. And it’s nice to get it on the plane and to the customer right away.

Your company became known around the nation for your sea urchins; are you still providing them?
Yes. We used to ship locally harvested sea urchin. But the Southern California populations are down now due to warm-water challenges, so we’re getting additional sea urchins in from Alaska to help fill the void. We can get them down here fresh and quick with Alaska Air Cargo.

In terms of shipping seafood, what’s the most important criteria?
It must get on the right flight. And the customer has to get it on time. Our seafood is a precious and vulnerable commodity. We pack it in cold gel packs, and as long as it gets on the right flight, it’s safe. We’ve used other carriers and had problems with misplaced boxes, but not with Alaska. Having a lot of new nonstop routes out of San Diego helps. We really like being able to ship direct.

Have the increased routes helped your business?
Absolutely. We’re marketing more product all over the U.S.

What about customer service?
The cargo folks are pretty accommodating. They helped us operationally with packaging and security issues. And they have some good logistical recommendations. In fact, our sales rep Michael Yu was just here last week. And we talked about some different routes and options, some new possibilities for us. For example, if we can’t get a direct route out of San Diego, there are options out of the LA airports that are close enough to send trucks up there.

Dave, you’re a seafood expert. Before we go, how about a favorite recipe?
You bet. I have a great, super simple tuna poke recipe:

  • Take tuna and cut it up into little squares
  • Add toasted sesame oil
  • Add salt and pepper
  • Add chopped green onions
  • Add soy sauce last. (The soy sauce turns the tuna dark, so only apply before you are going to eat.)
  • Serve it up with cooked rice and toasted seaweed!

See more about the fascinating delicacy, uni.

Revised tariff rates make life easier for shippers.

We’ve revised our rates and services to help cargo customers better utilize our growing network. Here’s what’s changing with published tariff rates:

New rates reflect an overall average rate reduction of 13%. This includes reductions in Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11. And more aggressive rates to and from California, especially from the East Coast.
We’ve removed weight tier pricing to provide a simpler rate structure. Our new flat rates are not as complex and offer lower-volume shippers better rates overall.
General cargo rates are now available from the Hawaiian Islands. Our Hawaii-based customers now have more choices when shipping to the mainland. General cargo offers a less expensive option for shipments that are not time-sensitive.
Alaska Air Cargo

From left: Malcolm Montgomery, Jill Reedy, Laurie Solis, Jessica Montgomery, Vick Tiwari

Meet our newest sales team members.

Laurie Solis, based in Boston and covering New England.

Malcolm Montgomery, based in Orlando and covering Florida and New Orleans.

Jessica Montgomery, based in Atlanta and covering Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, Indianapolis, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

Jill Reedy, based in Chicago and covering the upper Midwest.

Vick Tiwari, based in Ewing, New Jersey, and covering the mid-Atlantic area.

Meet Gina Thomas, new Anchorage Cargo Operations Manager.

Gina brings a wealth of Alaska-specific experience to her new position, including more than a decade at our Nome, Alaska, station. Gina and her family love the outdoors, traveling and fishing. She is looking forward to being back with her family in the Anchorage vicinity. Please welcome her aboard!

Our Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) cargo office is moving on April 1st.

New address:
Operated by Air General
1800 SW 34th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
(800) 225-2752

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