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Expert Tip: 3 things to have ready for the Cargo Call Center

Our expert: Patricia Warren, Cargo Call Center Manager. Patricia recently celebrated 15 years with Alaska Airlines and for the last three years, she led customer-care teams for Cargo. “I’ve really enjoyed getting a better understanding of the entire business and the wide range of services we provide,” Patricia says.

Patricia’s top time-saver tip: When you call, have these three things ready for the agent:

  • Customer identification (CID) number
  • DIMS: Know each item’s dimensions and estimated weight. Note: If you’re shipping a live animal, the estimated weight is the combined weight of the animal and its kennel.
  • Consignee contact information: Name, address and phone number for the shipment’s recipient.

Bonus tip: Call center agents often consult the same resources available to customers, Patricia says. Save time on the phone by getting quick answers to these questions on our website prior to calling:

  • How much will it cost? Enter your DIMs and destination into our pricing calculator for a quick estimate.
  • When do you fly? Look up flight schedules and frequencies.
  • Is the station open early to accept shipments for a morning flight? Check our city pages for station hours, address and restrictions.
  • How do I ship my pet? Consult our Pet Connect resources for shipping live animals.

Our Call Center team is ready to help. Call us at 1-800-225-2752 between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. PT.

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