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GoldStreak Package Express: How to use our premium shipping service

When a wildfire breaks out in the rural West, it’s SEKO Logistics’ job to rush communications equipment to the scene for the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise.

And when hospitals in Oregon and Alaska need emergency refills of crucial medications, they call on Cardinal Health to replenish supplies the same day.

For vital shipments like these – ranging in size from bulky industrial equipment to small pharmaceutical packages – SEKO and Cardinal Health rely on Alaska Air Cargo’s GoldStreak Package Express to get their cargo to the place it’s needed as quickly as possible. GoldStreak is Alaska’s premium shipping service, with no booking required and the shortest cutoff time to make the next available flight – a big advantage for freight forwarders who need to move high-priority items like replacement parts, medical supplies or documents at the last minute.

“Some of our shipments are hundreds of pounds, and they can be in a place like Wenatchee in five hours,” says John Wilson, SEKO’s managing partner in Boise. “One of the biggest draws is that Alaska Airlines has a huge footprint in small cities across the West – and that’s where the world burns, in these remote, beautiful places.”

For Cardinal Health, Alaska’s reliable service combined with an extensive route network meets their medical customers’ emergency needs. “If it’s something that needs to get there fast, we always choose Alaska,” says Casey Esmond, logistics consultant in Cardinal Health’s Seattle area office. “We never look anywhere else.” 

Here’s a quick overview of GoldStreak and how to use it:

How does GoldStreak Package Express work?

This box of Covid-19 vaccines was shipped via GoldStreak within the state of Alaska.

In cities where GoldStreak service is available, customers simply make sure their qualifying shipments are processed and accepted by our cargo team before the cutoff time – 60 minutes before departure at most locations. Prebooking is recommended to expedite processing time, but it’s not required. 

And at most stations, GoldStreak shipments can be picked up 60 minutes after flight arrival.

Is GoldStreak available everywhere?

GoldStreak is offered at most domestic U.S. airports. Check the station information for your origin city.

Can I ship anything via GoldStreak?

Most products can be shipped via GoldStreak – although special commodity shipments, such as those containing dangerous goods, will cost more for the additional handling required. If you’re unsure whether your product is eligible to ship via GoldStreak, use our Live Chat service to ask. 

Is there a weight or size limit?

GoldStreak is typically available for packages weighing 150 pounds or less and with combined dimensions of 90 inches or less. Occasionally, our aircraft can accommodate larger packages – especially if your shipment is traveling by freighter to, or within, the state of Alaska. Call our team to talk through options: 1-800-225-2752. 

How much does GoldStreak cost?

Our costs are calculated based on the distance traveled, as well as the dimensional weight of the shipment. 

To get an estimate, enter your origin, destination, product type and dimensions into our pricing calculator. If GoldStreak is available for your shipment, the rate will be shown – along with lower rates for Priority and General Air Freight service. If GoldStreak is not available, the calculator will show the pricing for other shipping options.

You can also calculate rates by referring to our zone map and GoldStreak rate chart

How late can I drop off a GoldStreak shipment and make the flight?

The cutoff is usually 60 minutes prior to departure – which means the shipment must be processed and accepted by the cargo team by that time. Some stations need more time because of the layout of the airport. Always check your origin city’s information for the station address, hours and cutoff time.

Is GoldStreak a guaranteed service?

When shipments are prebooked for GoldStreak service, the highest-priority delivery is guaranteed, barring weather or air-traffic delays. Read more about our guarantee.

Besides the rush service, are there other benefits to using GoldStreak?

Our premium service allows customers to determine exactly which flight will carry their shipment, which is especially valuable when directing firefighting communications equipment to wildfire hot spots, SEKO’s John Wilson says. “With GoldStreak, you get to choose how you get it done,” he says. “You get to direct your own story.”

Questions about GoldStreak?

Call your cargo sales manager directly, or Live Chat with our customer service team. 


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