Alaska Air Cargo

Network team supports our cargo operations

How do you efficiently manage and mitigate carrying over 200 million pounds of cargo annually on more than 1,300 daily flights? Behind the scenes of Alaska Air Cargo is a small workgroup who supports our entire cargo network. The nine-person Cargo Network Support (CNS) team is comprised of our most experienced operations and customer service agents, under the leadership of Cargo Network Support Manager Jeff Cotton.

The team’s motto is “small, but mighty.” And they live up to the “mighty” moniker by handling online booking support, freighter scheduling, tracking and tracing, customer claims, 24/7 field support desk for all our station locations, and managing our Known Shipper program. In the past three years, CNS has processed more than 8,500 Known Shipper applications alone.

Experts in time-sensitive shipping.

Our CNS team tracks time-sensitive, and often life-sensitive, items from origin to destination. These may consist of live animals traveling to a new home or human organs on their way to a hospital. The team receives special alerts whenever these types of shipments are booked, and team members take extra special care to monitor them from acceptance, flight manifesting, and departure and arrival — ensuring that they arrive on time and in excellent condition. If there are flight delays, the team is in immediate contact with the customer. The team’s mission is to provide a careful, caring, seamless transition from carrier to customer. The cargo group is fortunate to have them.


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